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Message Subject HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! Do not apologize for Columbus. Take to the streets and celebrate European history.
Poster Handle Dr_Kynes
Post Content
Colombus was a fraud, a thief, a poser.

If you want to honor people for discovering "america" you need only to look to John Cabot.

If it was up to the "popes" and "the spanish inquisition" there would be no America at all.

The Papal Bull of Alexander gave the entire new world to spain and portugal.

The vatican made it illegal for England, France, Dutch or any other european power to have settlements in the new world.

But guess what ? God thwarted the popes plan and we had the christians from England and Holland settle in Jamestown and Massachussets.

If you look at what the spaniards did to south american, the carrebean and mexico....

You can thank the God in Heaven, that he didn't allow the Pope's version of "christianity" found America

Damn Columbus and his legacy.
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