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Message Subject HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! Do not apologize for Columbus. Take to the streets and celebrate European history.
Poster Handle Jonke
Post Content
Funny Story. :)

I work at a company that has minimal staff at work today, the rest are off for Columbus Day.

Got a phone call about 15 minutes ago from California. The woman needed info from one of the departments that is closed today.

I kindly explained to her that today is a holiday and that particular department isn't here. I suggested that she call back tomorrow.

The woman smartly told me it must be a holiday for my particular state so she didn't realize it because she is in California.

I kindly told her it wasn't just us, that it is Columbus Day.

She sounded confused when she told me her kids are at school today.

I explained that they still hold school on Columbus day.

Uhm....... I think she drank the kool-aid.


Some people scare me. A lot.
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