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Message Subject HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! Do not apologize for Columbus. Take to the streets and celebrate European history.
Poster Handle *Heisenberg*
Post Content
If you're of European descent and you feel guilty for for what happened to the Natives of Hispaniola, and the rest of the Caribbean, as a result of our ancestors landing in the new world, then you sir need to step away from the kool aid.

Did millions of Natives perish from disease, slave labour, or any factor that could be attributed to the European discovery of the New World? You bet they did, and it is unfortunate that they did, but to some how feel guilty and hate your European ancestors is disgusting on your part.

For some time now there has been a movement growing in the United States that seeks to portray our ancestors as murderous villains who did not contribute anything to society, and every year they use Columbus day as a means to promulgate their hatred for those who were, and still are to this day, technologically superior to those who were conquered.

Don't be fooled. Celebrate your history.
 Quoting: Wonkish


I love and appreciate history.

 Quoting: *Heisenberg*

I understand your love for your race... And you should!! But... One thing you should know!! Columbus kill and wipe off the face of the earth a whole race of people... But before he and his crew did this, They raped, Tortured women and children... All when the natives welcomed them and feed them... There was a better way to live a piece with the natives that was here... BUt your european ancestors wear nothing but murderers and rapist... Now who was the savages??? Go ahead... Kick a race down even further with your hatred for the Native Americans... They are the poorest, most drug/alcohol infested people in this country... Go ahead and start another genocide?? Be apart of history!! Kill them all then... Then and only then you would be happy??? You would fulfill your destiny...
 Quoting: B-Easy

That's a strange post to aim at me. I don't have "pride" in any race. Everything you posted was very inaccurate to post towards me.

Go try your strawman argument with someone else.
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