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Message Subject Snoop Dogg has decided to give his intellectual opinions on why hes voting for obama (LOL)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Isn't it Snoop Lion now? Either way still moranic.
 Quoting: MikeOxmaul

It truly is...but you have to ask yourself...Why most of us fall for advertising?

We sit at home and see this big juicy burger in a Mac D's ad, and we are out their buying because we took the effort to believe, and then go and fetch. Now Politicians work the same way. They sell you this image of a fat juicy economy, and we all rush out to buy it even if we drive past the Motor City on the way - Because the TV said so, even if the ad was unbelievable. We've been sold a fantasy with repetitive, monotonous regularity, and then we vote and look around numbly while the economists justify global criminal activity hidden behind those fraudsters we vote for in our 'sold' democracies.
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