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Message Subject sumerians
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Appear to them? They were the out of africa theory group, they came from the Annanuki labs, coinciding with the Adam and Eve story. For the literal translation of the bible by Mauro Biglino brings the old testament and Sumar together. The Elohim are the Annanuki, RUACH in the opening Genesis, later attributing the concept of God's Spirit, is one of the words they really CAN decipher, the rest not so well, because there are no vowels. First of all the Hebrew language didn't even exist as such at the time of Moses, and they spoke a language of the surrounding areas, and scholars debate which one. But the vowels are gone, and they give the word meaning, so there are 70 possible meanings for many of the words.

But default are older. Like Ruach. Meaning Something that causes wind on water, and it shows a picture of in Sumar heiroglyph that is a saucer like thingy, or acorn like thingy.

So its a parallel story with Sumar bieng the more recent labs. There were already survivors from the disasters of the last cycle, the aryan survivors continued, all over the world.

The annanuki actually nerfed the human race dna and split the brain hemispheres for this cycle they had a hand designing.

The good guys lost when they took out Mars and Mu. The previous cycle that had gone into the solar system, was called and known cosmically As The Equality. They created earth changes and crustal changes, Mu went down and Mars suffered severe injury and then at the right time, started their labs.
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