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Message Subject sumerians
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Also in those days, they walked amongst humans, and ruled over them. They also created many cloning groups themselves, so there were splinter groups in the annanuki such as reptilians that were warrior group without empathy, reptilian brain, and human groups. The kind of animal/human dna work was similar to what our annanuki scientists are doing now. They also created a race of hybrids for administration purposes, and left them behind, when they left eventually.

THe lab works in Atlantis, mirror what is going on today.

THe only confusion we all have is, were these ET's actually originally from distant systems, such as draco, orion, sirius, and Lyra. OR, is earth a testing ground for souls? And it is! And were these other humans from a past cycle, whose souls orgininated from those systems, with the help of the Royal Zeta Reticuli, one of the real ET's, merely doing what our leaders are doing today. The Equality taken over, a trojan horse occurring, and a split in groups, and so their very own creations, such as the Annanuki Reptilian Warrior class, became dominant and set up earth for slavery?

Also, these things can't happen if one doesnt give up equality and love and goodness, it was a kind of FALL that took place, allowing the dark side to access more.
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