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Poster Handle Ether
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Strange how the Conservative Right, who are elbows deep here defending a candidate that would seek to destroy them, seem to love him...and his lies. It's a typical, simple-minded result of poor up-bringing and religion. Tell 'em what they want to hear and ~bam~...you got your base. Tint it with racism, dollars, and obvious rampant pride...and you have the Conservative Right.

Mix in a heaping helpin' of "I'm a bad-assed, patriotic, god-lovin, Constitution lovin', brown-skinned people hatin', beer swiggin', wife beatin', child abusin', judgmental, hypocritical, everything's-a-contest, black or white, poorly educated, arrogant a$$hole,...and you got yer'seff a modern day gunslingin' mother-f*ckin' Patrick goddamned Henry....Yee mutha' f*ckin' haw...

Thankfully, you will ALL be put down in time with science, logic, progressive thinking, educated, humanitarian, bad-a$$ed mutha' f*ckers like myself....

How does it feel to be on the verge of extinction?

It excites me to know that soon, your bodies will serve no other purpose than to "water the tree of Liberty"....

Garsh,...does it frighten you Conservatives to know we 'Libtards' can shoot as straight as you think YOU can?

You're dinosaurs....buh bye...
 Quoting: Ether 1555858

How little you understand about us...

I am a lifelong REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. But, I am also a CONSERVATIVE, because my ideas have a base, both moral and philosophically, in the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION...

A liberal has no moral base, or base set of convictions. They are fungible to whatever the politically-correct and popular "Thing" happens to be, at that point in time.

Romney is what we in America used to call "A DEMOCRAT" in America, before the Soros-financed Academic Radical Socialists hijacked the Democratic Party, beginning in the 90's.
 Quoting: PravdaDemocrat

Very nice feign....
Sadly, foiled...

Simply by buying into the entire "them vs us" schema, you've outed yourself as a Right leaning tin can.

Clever...and I would even say...possibly sentient.

However, your premise falls apart quickly.

You've chosen your agenda...I've mine...

Good luck!
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