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VERY nice!!! bump and 5 stars, OP! Wish I had it in MY front yard!!
 Quoting: Eggcellent

Well, It's quite apparent that this individual is enormously misinformed. Bain Capital may have purchased stock (common equity purchased in the secondary market, e.g.: on a stock exchange(NYSE[listed]) or Over The Counter {OTC;NASDAQ}, and that's about it.

Bain Capital probably sold their shares after receiving insider info, given the types of persons who were involved with that firm. Here's what they did with their REAL MONEY:
they purchased companies, like, for example, "KAYBEE TOYS," remember them? That nice toy store in the mall that promoted a healthy non-ogolopolistic toy market? Next, they would expand! That mean's going to the debt markets and selling long term bonds (e.g.: 10 year, 5% cpn bonds). So they sell about one billion worth, and then they fail to make the coupon payments... in our world that means corprate tax breaks! But wait, before they release in a press release thay they are going to default on their bonds, we flash back 3 to 9 months in time and find Bain selling their Kaybee toys stock on the open market , knowing that the stock will be worthless, effectively trading on insder information. This is how Bain made all their money, by dumping their stock at lofty levels knowing that the stock would be trading at pennies in months after they are done defaulting on the bonds. All equity holders are then left holding the bag at that point because an insolvent company, like Kaybee, would have to sell all their property, and their toys, to an illuminati owned toys r us most likely( and at deep discounts from fair markety value -how convenient), and all of these proceeds are used to pay the debt, the bond holders, since they receive priority.

Bain cap is a corrupt scam, and so is Romney. He is going to drag us into a war that makes as much sense as 9/11 just so the country can be mobilized and we can emerge from recession... wait, I am drifting.

Bain may have invested in those companies this guys lists, but all it was - in all likelihood was a buy of a cople thousand shares. All their reall money was spent blowing companies up, but snatching profits well before the deal is done.

NEXT!!! sorry so long...
Love ya,

The S.T.
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