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Maybe you should talk to one of these former employees of the following companies & see what they think of "wonderful Mitt"!
GS Industries-750 jobs lost.
Dade Intl -1700 jobs lost.
DDI corp. - 2100 jobs lost.
Clear Channel Comm, - 2500 jobs lost.
KB toys - 3500 jobs lost.
Am. Pad & Paper - 385 jobs lost.
You can't be a job "creator"

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18942840

I've been in the healthcare industry for 10 years. This healthcare take over was to create a zillion jobs. I was one of the 200+ employees who lost our jobs in the 2nd round of layoffs. Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN has dropped 100 open positions and let go of an additional 100 employees. That happened just a few days ago in the city where I live. Can't wait to see what happens nationwide! Physicians are dropping Medicaid / Medicare patients so they can stay in business. Losing those contracts greatly affects insurance companies thus more people are let go. I get the fact that businesses have a budget and want to make a profit. They should, I have no problem with that. I do however have a huge problem with Lord Obama taking over our healthcare system and causing thousands to lose their jobs in the last 18 months!
I am not a huge Romney fan, but I am 100% against the Obama administration. So say all you want about the jobs lost within companies Bain Capital invested PRIVATE money. This didnít happen in a matter of months, it took years to get to that total. This was not due to Bain Capital taking over all industry and regulating what can / canít be done.
What is true is that the Obama administrationís healthcare takeover is causing thousands of medical providers to drop Medicare / Medicaid altogether. That drop hurts insurance companies in a big way Ė thus mass job loss. In addition, the $$$ to fund this healthcare law, courtesy of Obama, that comes from OUR TAXES.
If Romney is evil due to PRIVATE investments, then WTF is Obama????

 Quoting: cutetornadoF5

I'll vouch for this.

We have had to let 15% of our workforce go and it will get worse. Physician income has dropped to the lowest levels in years...in the meantime costs have skyrocketed. I'm talking about Medical Malpractice, health, and payouts have dwindled. Our contracted rates are fractions of what they once were.

We could bill out at 275.00 an hour and get back 75.00. You can't run a business on a loss. Medicare payouts are non existent and it would appear Obama wants the medical industry to collapse so they can take it over completely.

Did you know it COSTS some doctors to see medicare patients?

Everyone they see they get a little poorer. I know many are happy and dancing over the evil rich doctors going broke. Just remember all the nurses and staff, front desk, back desk, billing and insurance people that are employed.

Building maintenance, security, technical staff, hundreds of thousands of people work because of doctors. People that make the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and the buildings they lease and people they employ.

Most Doctors are good people and care about patients.
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