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Message Subject Let This Be A Warning America: When the Riots Start the Government’s Response Will Be Brutal *Video*
Poster Handle Angelic_Warrior
Post Content
If you fire a gun at a protest or riot, YOU WILL BE KILLED.

The police WILL shoot you.

The military WILL shoot you.

The handful of sympathizers who are on your side won't matter. Not at all. You will be gassed, gunned, and eventually bombed into dust.

If you riot, you WILL lose.

Get a better plan.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13825301

In a financial collapse scenario, you can forget about the military fighting for them. No soldier will be accepting worthless federal reserve notes as payment. There will be a massive desertion and possibly a coup to protect the nuclear weapons. It's not a 100% win for the elite. The biggest mistake they will make is bringing in foreign troops. If they do this, the military and American people will definitely overthrow the government. And if they go and hide in their bunkers, they'll never see daylight again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10957384

This is the best scenerio I've ever seen anyone lay out.

I hope you're right!!
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