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Message Subject Neurosurgeon, has an NDE during a coma, personally confirms consciousness exists outside the brain!
Poster Handle Herman The Kid
Post Content
He's probably lying. Reductive materialism? He's using big words to bolster his credibility. What do you call the guy who graduates medical school with the lowest GPA? Doctor.
 Quoting: Mango Positive

It hurts to admit God is real and He loves you when you will do anything to accept that you are not in control.

He is real and Jesus showed the world when He rose from the dead. All He wants is for you to trust Him and be saved from what we perceive to be true.
 Quoting: Herman The Kid

Then the intellect steps back and says it's because you were raised in Western Culture, with Christmas and Thanksgiving and a Judeo-Christian understanding of "God" and Christian churches on every corner.

If you were born and raised, with your family generations before it, in let's say - Yemen.

You'd be saying that about the Prophet Muhammad.

If you were born and raised - in let's say - Northern India - you'd be acutely aware of Krishna.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24191598

No. Like most with closed minds and prejudiced hearts, you assume incorrectly.

I didn't receive the literal baptism of the Holy Ghost until I was 19 years old. I didn't "make a wish" or believe in a book because someone told me to. I felt Christ come and convict me and my life changed.

A person didn't convert me. God did. If you repent and seek Him, you will experience it, too. Jesus is who He said He was and He only wants you to live abundantly. It's very simple and God loves us. Just trust Him and put down your deceit and pride. You will see, too. God is great!
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