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Message Subject Neurosurgeon, has an NDE during a coma, personally confirms consciousness exists outside the brain!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We're all already okay and there's no need to be saved. There is only unconditional love throughout the entire universe, we just have to remember this :)

That's the joke about Hell and sinners and most religions, and that's why they each have a simple core of truth in them all.

The real truth can't be put into words, as they are not meant to be denoted by man. It's impossible to describe. I've been connected to Source and am fully aware that I could never describe it to someone and the words fully amount to what it was. It's impossible. However, the most simplest terms which still doesn't give it 1/1000000000000000000th of truth is that it was just beautiful, perfect, and just IS.

We're all okay, and we're all gonna make it :) Always remember that. The game is as real as you want to make it.
 Quoting: Orion153

Hitler is okay. He's gonna make it.

Shall I continue?
 Quoting: Herman The Kid

yep,that's what i asked them,why we're allowed to create hell here? he said "there is a purpose" hmmmpf,not happy with that answer,the ,what he calls hyper reality is true,even colour is like alive,and there just is no time there.(wherever there is)
 Quoting: lupa14714

You said it yourself, "we're allowed to create hell here." We have CREATED this. Man has. Law of Free Will brother. Now we have to FIX this. :)
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