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Message Subject Very Pissed - Gunman At My Kid's School Bus Stop
Poster Handle Superheavyweight
Post Content
Usually in a country where citizens are not allowed to carry/own guns, criminals/wacos of every sort own a gun for sure and they're going to use it against you. Obviously cops won't do anything about that but they are always willing to arrest you if they find you with a fucking pocket knife. I'm glad you're able to protect your sons/daughters/loved ones with a gun, you sound like a caring parent and a valuable community member, I wish you good luck for your hunt.

Everyone should be free to own a gun and to carry it wherever he wants. In the past we built/carried our weapons without any prohibition, then the elites found out it was easier to kill/enslave unarmed freemen, that's how gun laws were born.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25206346

The point is though.... "that's the dumbest/stupidest/retard thing I ever heard" is not option.

Because you would question it.

"The reason it's not on the map is because you would see it"

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