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Message Subject Very Pissed - Gunman At My Kid's School Bus Stop
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm sorry, that sucks. I lived in New Hampshire in a small town and road the bus at age 10 with kids as old as 7-14 with us, a parent from the neighborhood would always be there to supervise and to insure we were all safe. Now this was back in the 90's. It wasn't the schools directive either, the community insured that it's kids would depart and arrive with an parent present and the bus stop.

Now high school students I can understand, 15+ is an appropriate age to be gathered with other teens. So long as the parents teach the kids from a young age how to handle them selves maturely in a situation that may arise.

The fact that there are a bunch of kids alone at a bus stop pisses me off. Parents who can't spend 15 minutes watching over a group of kids, who in an emergency would have absolutely no idea what to do, is lazy parenting. So you have work? Well, to bad your kids safety comes first. Don't gripe when some jackoff in a ski mack who is most likely mentally ill comes threatening your kids and you demand that someone else take the responsibility for protecting them.

It's not the police's responsibility to insure your kids get on a bus safe, nor is it the schools or the bus driver. Its the PARENTS! Hopefully this will teach all those parents who let their kids go to a bus stop unsupervised a lesson.

I do feel bad for you though that the school did not notify parents, poor judgement on their part. For the record the post isn't aimed at the OP, since you child wasn't there anyway. Just ranting about parents who are dumb.
 Quoting: Guano-

Parents aren't superhuman. They have enough to worry about. The real question is why is there so much crime here compared to all the other developed nations?
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