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Message Subject Very Pissed - Gunman At My Kid's School Bus Stop
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sounds next level.... keep us updated.

Could just be someone who wanted the reaction without the action though.
 Quoting: Superheavyweight 25192708

I was told by the bus driver today that the guy was spotted again. If anything happens, God forbid, I will be holding this school and this city accountable for not notifying the public. This kind of stuff can be prevented more often than not or at least casualties can be reduced by smart and safe planning. Many of us have concealed weapon permits too...so...again...God forbid, we may have to defend ourselves. NEVER a good thing when surrounded by children.
 Quoting: American Trappers, LLC

I am wondering if the guy is Hispanic or Black. Sorry to sound "racist,"...I'm really not.... but why does the media fail to identify the race of the perp?
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