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Message Subject Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster/Olice Garden/LongHorn) Testing Stores WITHOUT Full-Time Employees Due To Obamacare!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It was my understanding that under Obamacare, even part time employees had to be covered.

Am I wrong about this?

At any rate I agree w/ the other poster who said this is and has been the norm for retail and restaurant employees for many years.

Any way to increase the big boys profits and screw the little guy.
 Quoting: Little guy 10783814

Although the Obama Administration has declared 30 hours to now be the new "Full-time", for Obamacare purposes.

I have seen the future under Democrats, and it is multiple part time jobs for everyone.

It will become the norm for people to have their “morning” and “evening” jobs. Neither will amount to more than 30 hours a week, but everyone will have to work at least two jobs to make ends meet.

Goodbye 40 hour work week...

Goodbye quality family time....

Hello more commuting and gas usage....

The Law of the Unintended Consequences of Liberalism is a real b*tch.
 Quoting: PravdaDemocrat

In all fairness, I see this as more a corporate thing than a liberal thing.

Both parties are supporting these goons. OR is it the other way around?

Corporations are killing us.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10783814

Can you here Ross Perot's "Giant Sucking Sound", yet?

Remember how the TV told you to laugh, and laugh, and laugh at that one? Remember how the late night comics mocked it, and Saturday Night Live did skits about it?

It didn't fit the Democrat Current Truth of the time.
 Quoting: PravdaDemocrat

Yes, I do remember.

I also remember a family member of mine who worked for a law firm that serviced the Klintoons. Said they remembered seeing Ross Perot's name on their payroll.

Just saying.

It's still true.

Unfortunately....you haven't see the repubs fixing it, now have you?
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