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Message Subject Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster/Olice Garden/LongHorn) Testing Stores WITHOUT Full-Time Employees Due To Obamacare!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I donít blame the CEO, actually. This is just like so many other Democrat job-killing laws.

No one never said everybody is equal in Corporate America.

He has a fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders to limit costs and work within the parameters of the law. Itís the lawmakers (Obama, Pelosi, Reid) who changed the game, and who should be blame.
 Quoting: PravdaDemocrat

Please Read -
Screw the CEO! I've worked for the company for many years! I've seen people in his position come and go. We get screwed and he gets a bonus! Just a few months ago cashed in $8million in stock given to him. He'll be gone in a few years and us lifers will be screwed, the stole our retirement in a sneaky move, won't read about that in the papers. Oh, and get this, Full-Timers get insurance, yet Darden is one of two companies in the country trying out new insurance. You get a choice of 5 shitty plans. To keep the same coverage I have now for my family of 3 will cost me $14,599 per year + $2k out of pocket before they'll do anything!
They also don't mention that at the same time he's decided to expand the company's restaurants to Egypt, Quatar, Dubai, to name a few of many more countries. (Who's he in bed with?) so trust me, they could afford to give us lifers a fair priced insurance! I could go on but I won't because they also made us sign a document a few months back saying we could be fired for speaking out. Thus the reason for posting Anonymously!
By the way, anyone on the West Coast should be asking ALL of our restaurants if they are testing their fish for radiation from Fukushima! (Don't eat any fish!)
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