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Message Subject Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster/Olice Garden/LongHorn) Testing Stores WITHOUT Full-Time Employees Due To Obamacare!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As posters have stated above, this has been going on regardless of Obamacare, corporations will use any excuse not the pay people more.

Also, hate to burst your Con bubbles, but the full law doesn't go into effect until January 2014!

Right now only the high risk pools, medical loss ratio rule, children not being denids due to preexisting conditions and the medicare donut hole are the only parts of the law that are in place now.

And of course the massive crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud that this week led to several arrest and exposure of more than $431 million dollars in fraud.

Dudes, don't bother to actualy research what the law is doing now as opposed to when it is fully implemented in 2014!
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