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When the Dollar implodes and it will for anyone who doubts this here are some quick fact.
Fact #1 80 million baby boomers going on Medicare and Social Security. To make this so even the most stupid can understand that is one person sucking the life out of the system for two workers paying in. One of these Boomers has a Dr visit and you're in the hole for the year. This isn't going to work no matter what BS you hear on TV or who gets elected.
Fact #2 QE3
Fact #3 The Petro Dollar the GAME IS OVER! The US had a sweet deal that keep the need for Dollars all over the world since oil could only be bought with them, but now that is done Russia, China and Iran and others say Piss on the Dollar. When all these Dollars come home to the US… BOOM (Hyper Inflation).
So when the SHTF people all over the world will want to dump their dollars for GOLD & SILVER so for the few that where smart enough to buy they will get $1000's of Dollars per ounce. Yes the Dollar will be worthless to most but all debt will still be payable in Dollars. You will not have to eat your Silver instead use it to pay off your home. Just look at history it will be easy for one single ounce to hit a $100,000 when your talking about only a billion ounces of Silver in the world with more than 200 trillion in wealth that people will be looking to move into something secure. A quick fact for those that don't know there is less Silver in the world than Gold.
This is how it will go down in the early part of the collapse. At some point only food and such items will have value when this happens you missed the boat and can just toss your silver out in the street because your dumb ass keep it too long. Everyone should have a few ounces for when the time comes. A $100 now could save your ass in the near future.
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