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Message Subject Why is Obama in Trouble ? I'll tell you my experience today.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I am a Union Boilermaker. I played the party line last election.

After a very long summer low in work, i finally got called for a job. I decided this morning on the drive in, i would not bring up politics. unlike here ,i have to see these guys every day for the next few months.

I didn't need to bring it up, it was the talk of the day. 15 men and not one for Obama.

All had watched the debate and the statement by Romney about his love of coal won every man. I was Surprised and shocked. We work on power plants and Obama's war on coal has already affected our lives !!

Not one, No one "on the fence" not one.

I won't be on here as much for awhile ( long drive , many hours) but I'll keep you posted.

The Coal Mining Union for the first time has not endorsed the Democrats. When Men are working and providing for their family's honestly a lot don't vote cause their working. Not This Time !!!! Just like me their mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.
 Quoting: boilerbengal

i wonder how much of mr romney's money is in the industry or mr ryan's for that matter how much is any of all these so called conservitives money went out to help the needy americans during this hard time. how many of them created jobs just for the sake of people having some type of income and not be on the government payroll, how many gave up their pay since they already have enough the anwser to this and so many other questions is they don't give a fuck just like the other guys. they serve the same masters
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