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Message Subject Why is Obama in Trouble ? I'll tell you my experience today.
Poster Handle berniemom2012
Post Content
I am a Union Boilermaker. I played the party line last election.

After a very long summer low in work, i finally got called for a job. I decided this morning on the drive in, i would not bring up politics. unlike here ,i have to see these guys every day for the next few months.

I didn't need to bring it up, it was the talk of the day. 15 men and not one for Obama.

All had watched the debate and the statement by Romney about his love of coal won every man. I was Surprised and shocked. We work on power plants and Obama's war on coal has already affected our lives !!

Not one, No one "on the fence" not one.

I won't be on here as much for awhile ( long drive , many hours) but I'll keep you posted.

The Coal Mining Union for the first time has not endorsed the Democrats. When Men are working and providing for their family's honestly a lot don't vote cause their working. Not This Time !!!! Just like me their mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.
 Quoting: boilerbengal

Thanks for this! And keep in mind ... Obama is a NUCLEAR supporter. His giving to "green energies" is just a cover for the fact that he is in the tank for big nuclear industries.

Check out "Exelon". They call themselves green and tout their wind & solar, but their big business is nuclear. They're based in Illinois which has more nuclear plants than any other state, of any size.

Obama as a state senator in Illinois secretly helped gut regulation of nuclear power plants. Exelon was his biggest supporter.

Ever since Fukushima happened, the U.S. has suppressed news reports on how bad the situation was, and still is. That's due to Obama.

The FDA/NRC *increased* the amount of radiation that is considered OK to be exposed to. That's Obama.

Finally, the capper: Obama's main Chicago henchman, David Axelrod, is a former Exelon executive!!!

Coal ain't perfect but I'll take my chances with that over what's happened to the poor people in Japan.
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