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Message Subject Why is Obama in Trouble ? I'll tell you my experience today.
Poster Handle Eggcellent
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i wonder how much of mr romney's money is in the industry or mr ryan's for that matter how much is any of all these so called conservitives money went out to help the needy americans during this hard time. how many of them created jobs just for the sake of people having some type of income and not be on the government payroll, how many gave up their pay since they already have enough the anwser to this and so many other questions is they don't give a fuck just like the other guys. they serve the same masters
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23583096

Of course, you MUST be aware that when Romney's father died, Mitt took the ENTIRE amount he inherited (and apparently it was quite a bit - I think it was like 4 million dollars but I could be mistaken on the amount, but it was a LOT) and donated it to charity? Charities which "help needy Americans during this hard time"?

Silly me, I KNOW that you are aware of that little factoid! Now, which Master do you think that Mr. romney serves?
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