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Message Subject Caught my husband jacking off?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
Just an hour ago I caught my husband jacking off in the shower. He never jacks off or anything like that because I try to satisfy him by having sex with him every night. I questioned him the moment he got caught and he said since we fought last night he was thinking we werent going to have sex for the next couple of days, then he changed his story and said he jacked off because it was hard and he wanted to get rid of the feeling, and that he lost interest in me long time ago? He went on and on with his reasons of jacking off. Lately he's been making excuses that he's tired all the time, we have used to have sex twice a day, then it went down to once a day, and every 2 days. Last night my husband and I had conflict because he didn't want to have sex with me, even though we agreed and I felt hurt. I told my husband how I felt about it, then he stormed off downstairs and slept there. He was yelling at me and telling me he doesn't care about this marriage, and that hes been pretending to be happy. He thinks our sex is like a chore. My question is why would he jack off if he has a wife he could have sex with as much as he wants? He had an opportunity to have sex with me last night? Him not wanting to have sex with me, makes me feel unwanted. I'm attractive, and still young. How do I react to him?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24206893
i don't think masturbating is the problem, everything else he said and did/didn't do is though. i was marreid to a guy like that, he turned out to be a saditic sociopathic person. he used sex, or pretending he doesn't want it, to blackmail me into..well being his dormat really...i am a very sensual person and i thought we were i love, i just wanted to do it all the time, and he did everything from suddently finding everything wrong with the way i look,(that never bothered him when he was tricking me into marrying him, he kept saying i was very beautiful, a 10)... to pretending he is sexually confused...to accusing me of being insensitive, too interested in sex, too good in bed, too bad in bed.....basically he was plying me....his penis was constantly up, i inhale and exhale and he gets a hardon, yet he was more and more like "aw my god, u just want sex"....blah blah..."i have feelings, i am a sensitive man"...till he'd make me feel like he was brain fucking me, which is one place u don't want your husband to do it to you, and i'd say something like, "aw jesus what are u, a girl, just do it, just kiss me"....(which was exactly the kind of frustrated response he was looking for, so he could built on his theory how i was osmehow a bad wife for wanting to make love to my husband)i am not trying to make this thread about my sociopathic, psychotic, sadistic, manipoulative ex husband..but i will not be so arrogant as to assume that i can give you marriage advice via silly trashy forum.love is way to important and serious to let strangers who know only a few lines you stated on a foruma bout your relationship, give you input, but i am just trying to tell you that if a man acts like ur does, it isn't good news, and it usually turns out he is not a nice man...otherwise he'd be good to his wife, or ask for a damn divorce....good luck....remember you said it, you are still young, and if you manage to get away from him, maybe you still can find a good man, who wld love you and appreciate you and when you see him jacking off, wld say something matture, like nuffink babe, just playing wt myself, wanna join in?see my point???my ex used to pretend he had problems ejaculating, becuase he was not happy with the amount of sexual attraction i had for him,( i had a lot attraction, but he wanted more) so in order to artifiacially make me insane over our sex life he was like i have delayed ejaculation its a problem google it....so i said well do u ejaculate when you masturbate he said he did, yah, so i encouriged him to masturbate in front of me, and with my help...damn it i was a really good wife and he played me like a fool.u know something sister...get a divorce and get a good man before he devaours your ability to trust people and ruins your life and chances with a good man...don't waste time on someone who "has no interest in you" but isn't man enough to ask for divorce. either he is a whimp or a manipulator, nither is a very good prospect fora huband
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