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Poster Handle Ranger XRay
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This is another facet of the war that is being waged here. This isn't a game, it's real and this is just the psychological aspects of this war. It's gone from cold to very, very warm quickly here and the American people are waking up. Some of you can joke about this and make light of this move by ABC, but then again think about the bias of the integrity lacking MainStream Media. To those of you that are taking this seriously, that's a good thing because we are the victims and targets of this war, event he jokers and taunters are on the scopes and none will be left with mercy shown by a faceless foe that knows no pity. They have been victorious in pitting us against the other for their own agendas and most folks do not have a clue as to being played off.

What we are witnessing here is the blatant naked aggression at nothing less than the complete destruction of what our country was founded upon on every level. Again, no mercy is being shown. Our children are being subverted, I know I have two little girls that just told me how wrong it is say the Pledge of Allegiance! I'm a frakkin' Marine Corps Veteran and I'm being told this from my flesh and blood. Our state govt have been subverted and controlled as well as the authorities of law to the largest of extents. What's happening at ABC is bullshit! Neutrality!?! Really? Back in the Press' hayday, they stood up for what was right and journalistic integrity and now it's all been used up like Charmin toilet paper to wipe their pining left/right wing agendas. No one is permitted to have righteous opinions without intense scrutiny and mockery. There is no real justice here because we the people have been allowing this charade to run its inevitable bloody course and it will get bloody hence things going from warm to hot. To hell with the MSM! Keep up the good reporting and do not forget where you all come from to those you here at live in the U.S. It's all about to go the way of the dinosaur in a handbasket and the jokes and mockery just keeps on coming. The irony of it all is this singular notion, the ones who joke about this and agree with what is happening will not be lauded nor hailed as supporters of the communist/socialist cause. Why? The true communists/socialists cannot trust the folks that betray their own country/people for their cause. You know what means, right?

Stay frosty...
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