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Poster Handle SaveUSa
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It's about fucking time. Reporters are supposed to report the facts, not be cheerleaders for illegal invasions of poor, defenseless countries and the slaughtering of innocent civilians.
 Quoting: palomine

While I agree that we've had our share of misguided and illegitimate wars, Patriotism is an absolute necessity to the survival of any country - and they are subverting this through their various seemingly inane actions. In other words, these pricks (most all of them) are intentionally trying to remove any single identity from this country in hopes of ushering in their handlers' dreams of world dominance and "progressive thought" (as long as it serves their selfish, personal ends).

Funny thing is that most of the dumb-asses are too brainwashed to know any better. The rest are true enemies of this country, and me.

So, for me, the American flag does not represent what you appear to have labeled it. For me, it represents God, freedom, strength, life, innovation, creativity, wealth (in all forms), and just about anything else that's good in humanity and the world today. It represents a social experiment that started with one continent's rejects (in hopes that they would simply die off), added many races, religions and thinkers from around the globe, and then sparked their drive for life and innovation by ensuring they remained free to pursue those things that made them happy without interference (for a time at least). We did this by writing these things into law, and then fighting for those rights against the condescending pricks that thought otherwise until we enjoyed those rights unhindered. In fact, we became so powerful as a result, our enemies had no choice but to attempt to subvert us from inside - like the weak cowards they truly are.

I recognize that our flag has been hijacked by those within that wish us harm, and used without regard in various parts of the world...used in such a way that our sons and daughters have died because of it, and many of our past allies have questioned their allegiance. That said, the ideal it represents through our Republic via the (original) constitution and enumerated rights is the absolute bastion of hope for any country, which is why so many still risk their lives to come here, and why we will fight with our lives if necessary to preserve it.

So, while our enemies may have succeeded in their efforts to an extent (at least in your eyes, and in the eyes of much of the world today), they will NEVER subvert what once made us great. I can only hope that this ideal infuses itself in the rest of humanity, and firmly believe that it will in time (maybe even soon).

Until then, we will fight.
 Quoting: SaveUSa

Absolutely brilliant.
 Quoting: MissMerica

Too kind, but thanks.
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