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Message Subject Connecting The Dots [GOV Riot Preparedness, Mass Fatality Planning Act, Dead Astronomers]
Poster Handle justanothergranny
Post Content
I was on another thread the other day listening to a radio interview with Matt Simmons and another guy. And one of the things mentioned several times was about something LARGE hitting Antarctica soon. I had never heard about that before, and need to do some research on it.

But they just keep announcing about asteroids that will make close earth passes - there's one on 10/12 that will be .2 LD - 2/10 of a Lunar Distance! That's pretty darn close! Luckily it's not too big, but if it hits and that's where you happen to be, I bet you'd think it's big enough!!

I agree, tptb know something that they're not telling, and it doesn't look to good for the average joe.
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