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Message Subject Connecting The Dots [GOV Riot Preparedness, Mass Fatality Planning Act, Dead Astronomers]
Poster Handle NalloArt
Post Content
Getting closer honey. Just keep looking. What's been breaking out that hardly anyone has noticed? You have the right dots but you're not connecting them quite right. Disregard space for now- it comes later. The immediate threat is right here. In the shots. Not de-population, it was never that. This more like advancing the population. Think about the group that started up researching vaccines (even though they mainly do military), then they let a journalist tour their project- only 1 original article on it. Think of the attacks in the state near in the Gulf. Hint: It's not Louisiana. Now think of the recent outbreak of a rare (c'mon what is it?) and the effect is has on the spinal cord and the brain. You'll get it :]
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