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Message Subject Florida School District Lets Pro-Obama Group Register Students to Vote, Deliver Speeches (Refuse Republicans)
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
"Schools are indoctrination centers nowadays. Shills in so many classrooms.

Science = let's watch the debates to see who will "protect" the environment.

History = big bad whites force blacks to sell each other into slavery. Whites who head abolition are "imperialistic".

Civics - oh, forget about it."

^^^ I have re-read this and the sad part i am not the least not surprised.

 Quoting: davvi

Davvi, out of respect for not reporting things I have not seen firsthand, I haven't even said the worst.

The leader had a noose in the room. A real, ropy noose.

Just to keep the hatred going.

Heard about it from several times. Now in regular classes,

students hear the party line all the time. From CNN in the classrooms, to I hate columbus because he was a meany lessons, to the simple assumption that Bush was a joke and
the O is amazing and Just Like Us. It is not even stated, just breathed in and out with the 02 molecules.
 Quoting: beeches

i used to get into arguments all of the time with people who just followed the democrat talking points right to the letter. these people honestly thought they were very well informed because they watched msnbc and cnn. they think they have all there is to know about what goes on in this country. thick as mud and totally resistant to any other opinion which doesn't tow the democrat line.

i finally caught a break when i predicted how the occupy wallstreet protests would go. it wasn't my 'great' debating skills, though, they got to see the 99% first hand. while on their way to work some of my friends were pushed around and verbally abused by those who they thought were going to be this country's saviors. lolol, i loved it.
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