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Message Subject African American Actress Stacey Dash Endorses MITT ROMNEY, Libs Immediately Begin Flinging Racist Insults At Her!
Poster Handle Serenity777
Post Content

Because, you and everyone else here of the "conservative nature" have always thought so highly of minorities. You guys mock blacks and minorities daily, yet, now it becomes a political advantage when a singular black with a POLITICAL VOICE endorses the object of your desire.---otherwise though, on any other day of the week, they would qualify for your non-stop "n" word attacks, and racial slurs.

Watch how low politics will go...with society dragging through the the proverbial sewage, like an anchor being lugged slowly behind the elite. You are their bread and butter. YOU ARE THEIR SERVANTS.

Why do the followers of this soap opera refuse to let it go??? You don't know how hard AND PAINFUL it is to watch you guys go through the SAME LOOP every 4 years, while all the SAME TRENDS continue regardless of party. Even worse...you guys don't look at the numbers, the policies, or the general trend of manipulation that is played against you. -The overall memory of the average American could be compared to that of a "goldfish." The collective awareness level of these same Americans could be compared to a cracked out, 50 pound inbred who has drank nearly a 5th of everclear to prepare for a solid night of methamphetamine consumption.

Your little Political FOOTBALL, WWE wrestling match is becoming too costly for the American people. Its about time to grow up...wouldn't you say?

Or...continue to wallow in the blood and mud with all the other pigs/sheep...sheep

Listen to the lyrics, it will do ya good...

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