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Message Subject African American Actress Stacey Dash Endorses MITT ROMNEY, Libs Immediately Begin Flinging Racist Insults At Her!
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content
Typical Liberal tolerance.

Most of the attacks come from the Black community though. They have this hive mind where they all need to stay on the Democrat plantation. God forbid anyone thinks for themselves. Voting republican if your black is akin to supporting the KKK in many blacks eyes. They believe the crazy stories that the media tells them that Republicans are all racists who "want to put yall back in chains" to quote Joe Biden.
 Quoting: l3ol3o

I love the statement "Democrat Plantation". It implies that the black liberals are literally still in "chains" due to their race because they would only ever be LIBERAL! Why would any Black man have a mind of his own? The hypocracy of it is amazing.

I wish more Black Americans would vote their upbringing and morals, (such as gay issues and Christianity)

I think they would surprise themselves at how conservative they truly are. How can we get them to see how under the thumb of the elite Democrats they are?
 Quoting: Scarbedazzles

Obama promised a post racial America. Once elected he reverted to Al Sharpton Jr.

This president has blacks looking to their skin to see who they are.
Iíll tell them.

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