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Message Subject Are women allowed to preach and teach in the church? Or are we to be silent?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No, they are not to preach. You can't find a woman preacher or priest anywhere in the bible. Show me a bible verse of one and I'll agree with you.

Woman can do a lot like prophesy, gifts of the Holy Spirit, be called disciples, be helpers of the church, but nowhere is there ever one preacher in the New Testament to the church, SORRY!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20586262

There is not one Scripture in the Bible that forbids women from preaching, but on the contrary, there are many verses that encourage both men and women to preach the Gospel.
 Quoting: Salt

Give me just one bible verse that mentions a name of a woman apostle, bishop, or deacon to the church. That's all I ask for! You can't because there isn't one. Were there any priests that were women? NO. Jesus carried this into the New Testament and it was understood by all in the first church so there was no need to put a verse forbidding it. All apostles Jesus chose were men, Jesus didn't even pick His own mother who bore Him. That should tell you something right there! It does forbid a woman to teach a man. So how can a woman preach, that would be teaching men!
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