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Message Subject Are women allowed to preach and teach in the church? Or are we to be silent?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
but, to clarify...

a woman must submit to the authority of the church and should not hold a position of Head Pastor over men in any church.

the honor of submission is for a specific reason.
that reason has nothing to do with lacking any equality, education or ability.
 Quoting: Salt

She can't be a co pastor or any kind of office that has the Pastor title. Period, I clearly see that you support woman pastors by your posts. If I see a TV christian show and there is a woman with a Pastor in front of her name, I turn the show off. She is off!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20586262

what do you think of Joyce Meyer?
She calls her stuff a "ministry"

i see plenty of men in her audience.
 Quoting: Salt

Joyce Meyers calls herself a preacher and calls what she is doing preaching. My opinion of Joyce Meyers is that she could be a wonder teacher to women. But I think she is out place and because of that isn't as effective as what she could be for God, quite frankly.

I believe Joyce has experienced many things in God. But her ministry has problems, one of her staff actually committed suicide not too long ago, I remember, and she and her ministry practically never addressed it at all.

Joyce fails to see the whole picture of truth about many things and therefore is missing the point about many things. The churches are mostly false now and she definitely doesn't say anything about the false churches at all. She's totally missing the boat there!

There is no pastor today preaching about the fallen away churches, none, man or woman (so called women preachers)! You know what that comes from? Being to busy to hear from God!

All these end time events happening and you rarely even hear a pastor stand against something anymore. People are truly missing the boat here!
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