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Message Subject Fukshima and Japan share the love with foriegn youth exchange... helping remove debris?
Poster Handle citizenperth
Post Content
You... Japan.... are shill city and I hope he does delete your post of lies.
 Quoting: WindyMind

nahhh. i'll just wait and see what everyone else thinks of sending children to do an adults job given the circumstances... no way in hell would i take the risk and send foriegn exchange kids right now.... simple... but a typical response from a shill... always perplexes me that they think i hate japan.... go figure....

if i hated japan i would say "radiation is good for you... no proof of sickness.. the children are safe..." etc etc..

just another marketing ploy from the gubernment, possibly to test public response and/or their knowledge of the state of current affairs...

similar to:

1. free stay in Japan for post-fuku bloggers with a positive viewpoint about vacations

2. money from tepco to nay say and debunk any thing anti-fuku....

3. heavily discounted airfares

one has to ask... revival of the tourist industry, or something more sinister now that they invite children....

"the all clear" card has been academically and scientifically debunked....
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