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Message Subject Fukshima and Japan share the love with foriegn youth exchange... helping remove debris?
Poster Handle citizenperth
Post Content

oooh, they fighting words little footed-penis man.. come over for a bbq.. we'll talk... ;)

meanwhile you go bald... get short.. speak other than english.. and sell crap to the world.... oh, forgot.. irradiate the planet and sell crap... so good for you.. god bless...
 Quoting: citizenperth

i bet your little hovel is loaded with japanese products, bend over while we fuck you up the ass.....remove the torch first.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25236806

we dont buy, nor own any irradiated poison from your but fuck little country... mostyly chinese or american or european.. i throw up when i see anything from there.. thanks for ask small penis can't-really-speak-proppery-dude...

can i have susshi with that on your moped????
 Quoting: citizenperth

you fucking small minded bigot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25236806

ac 806. you speak for yourself.. now.. go and do the right thing and apologies to you people, the children and yourself.. i only wish that you honor your family....
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