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Message Subject Gassed Louisiana sinkhole family human rights plea exposes coverup
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
I will pray that her guides help her to the right path for help in the next couple of days. You know it's quite possible that the chemicals have affected her thinking and she ain't all there. I'm sure that she's lost a lot of brain cells after sitting next to a chemical mess. It might have happened within the first few months of living there...and you never get those brain cells back!

No one should be judging her or anyone else that does foolish things until you walk a mile in their shoes in the most physical sense. What you would do if you are who you are right now is not who you would be if you were someone else for even one minute. We all have an obstacle to overcome and some of us have bigger obstacles. Not all of us have money, family, security, food, or even shelter at various times. As a human I am appalled at how even the smallest of communities can forget their humanity and just brush "problem people" under the rug as though they aren't there. Maybe someone needs to reach out and touch this woman? For all you know she's too proud to ask for help to escape.
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