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Construction, Ammo Stockup, FEMA Mass Burial

Bill E. Bob
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User ID: 10600600
United States
10/08/2012 09:52 PM
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Construction, Ammo Stockup, FEMA Mass Burial
You do the math.

The White House Big Dig is complete.

Homeland Defense stockup of Billions of rounds of ammo.

The Big Secret FEMA BILL H.R. 6566 Mass Fatalitiies

Driven by the Master of Deceit!

Your smart enough to know that you need to defend and protect yourself. Its your Second Amendment right.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25013010
United States
10/08/2012 10:23 PM
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Re: Construction, Ammo Stockup, FEMA Mass Burial
The 1.8 billion rounds of ammo is for shooting dissenters. That's several rounds for every citizen. So they can miss four or five times and still have enough to kill everyone.

BO has passed over 900 executive orders. Many of these orders give him power to take over everything legally and quickly with the support of all government entities.

If everybody votes for Romney, Obama will still win. He is a fan of Hugo and his way of winning.

BO is fixing the election. He has a company in sinking Spain that is going to count the votes, and they will report that stinky BO wins no matter how big a landslide Romney wins by. The Spaniards in power will do anything to stay there. Their police are beating and killing citizens, so cheating nothing to murderers.

This is why the Associated Press just stated that they will not do exit polls in 19 states. For if they did, the cheating would be obvious. Now, without the exit polls, the votes that Spain counts will show BO as the winner; and there is nothing anybody can do about it but start a civil war.

If you were BO and knew all this and that you could not lose, would you study for a debate?

Don't get caught with your panties down. Lock and load. The UN is coming for you and your guns; as the USA slips and slides into communism.

Open your eyes and see the truth and don't believe those that say it aint so. These people are the blind followers who don't have enough intelligence to see the big picture and can't handle a gun anyway; so if you are one of these naive idiots, please go find a hole to live in and stay out of our way. We will try to save you just because that's the kind of people we are.