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Message Subject DYING TO VOTE.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Gotta love it.

Bill O'Reilly (most definitely a pinhead himself) knows a great deal about the unseen hand at play behind partisan politics.....

Just google examples where O'Reilly has openly indicated knowledge of the masonic and conspiratorial agenda that influences the subjectivity of our mainstream media (even said as much on national t.v. more than a decade ago in the beginning of his career). Of course, this was years ago when he exposed the conspiracy, and he has since basically found the necessity to conform and get in line (to keep his privileged status as a talking head and Conservative gatekeeper - pays good $$$ you know). That is why Bill the PINHEAD says things with less conviction than a lump of coal these days.

Furthermore, he gets it right about the Republican front runners (in essence not being true to their records, their base, nor intent again and again - I am reading between the lines here). But he gets it utterly WRONG about the then Presidential candidate (Obama) opposing the Maverick (what a fluke) who never announced himself a Marxist nor Muslim sympathizer nor Executive Dictator behind all of his hope and changey rhetoric that fleeced the dependent class (who are SADLY ill-informed and exploited for reason partly of that same media influence - once again - that intends to divide and conquer this nation with half-truths while driving EVERYONE into the widening fold of a statist "dependent class").

In fact, creating a "dependent class" is what AGENDA 21 is all about, culling the populace and creating artificial scarcity, while at the same time tightening controls and restrictions on society. But little is said about this global agenda that in essence has no partisan disposition. It just is and will be for lack of being properly exposed (24/7) and certainly for lack of attention to detail (as the devil is ALWAYS IN THE DETAILS). But again, I digress and go rambling on a tangent.

Now, like McCain, we got Romney as our closet appointed ambassador of Conservatism and are forced to choose the lesser of two evils on this slide rule to hell (one that keeps moving left of center) while declaring itself a legitimate Left and Right debate. Seems we are always choosing "the lesser of two evils" and playing the reindeer games ad infinitum. I for one am sick of it!! And I will never pull my punches when the future depends in part on our intellectual integrity and focus.

After all, Romney embraced the Obama Healthcare model in Mass (and now pretends to be against it), was previously FOR abortion and gun-control, and on and on.......

This is why factional politics will be the ruin of this country, never mind it has become a Third World analysis in the First World of evolving trends, technology, and agendas that never see the light of day in the mainstream news (and will overtake this political reality show that is more akin to reading the National Enquirer than a thorough and objective inspection of the State of the Union).

America is finished if we can not even be honest with ourselves. That is the beginning of ALL WISDOM.

Sure, I'll go ahead and vote for ROMNEY, but I won't hold my breath that he will make good on his promises either. Granted, it would be nice.

In fact, I gotta sinking feeling instead, that WORLD WAR is on the plate, and the global cabal would find it very appealing to put the blame for their economic plunder of this nation squarely on what is perceived as a hawkish far Right agenda for tipping the dominoes past the point of no return. Nevermind the Right Wing being itself one of the dominoes at play just like the radical Islamic horde, just like the liberal mushminds.

Just imagine what is going to happen when gas goes to $15 a gallon or better (if available at all) and grocery staples go through the roof. Sadly, the Obama phone dependents will rage against those they believe are to blame for a STATE that no longer coughs up the beni's, pays their mortgage, and steals their future glory and welfare....

Yes, I hope to be proven utterly wrong and get this "potential" template pushed even further down the road. But the conditions are ripe like never before. I can't imagine the ideologue harvest being delayed for long....honestly can you? Just be forewarned everything could unravel very quickly and would induce a catastrophic class war, never mind the racial and religious tensions that would ensue with MUCH TRIBULATION).

But I do hate to spoil the party.

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