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Message Subject Why Did The Ron Paul Re3volution Completely Fail?
Poster Handle Double O Zero
Post Content
The reason why it failed is because people don't naturally embrace catastrophic change.

As uninspiring as it may be at times, the standard two party candidates offer relatively minor adjustments to the status quo that people understand. While most people may not like it, they vote for it with the understanding that radical change would be worse.

They want neither a communist state governing everything nor an anarchic experiment embracing complete liberty. The Paulites are close to the latter position in most ways, and there was always going to be a limit to how many people supported that.

I think they've actually been more successful than they feel, especially as the Fed has entered the debate as a question of politics.

Lastly, the reason they failed is Ron Paul isn't a great candidate. He's a provocative thinker, but a lousy politician.
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