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Message Subject Why Did The Ron Paul Re3volution Completely Fail?
Poster Handle Rebelucio
Post Content
The Ron Paul "R3V0LUTION" is/was based upon the faulty notion that freedom is derived from tyranny.
That's one good reason it failed.

That's just one in a series of ridiculous contradictions:

"Most minarchists/constitutionalists would agree that we live under a government (governments, actually) of delegated powers and authorities.

True. The extent of those powers are inherent in the constitution.

They would also agree that no individual or group of individuals has the legitimate authority to extract property from another by force, no matter how 'noble' the reasons for doing so may be.

Correct again, especially by a federal government. Now if people authorize this without objection, then, you must recognize that it is legitimate authority. People must be able to move freely to rid themselves of such a socialist system.

Logically, since legitimate government powers are delegated, and no individual or group of individuals has the right to extract property from others by force, there was NEVER any power of taxation to delegate in the first place. One can't delegate a power one doesn't possess."

Yes, you are absolutely correct in saying that one group has no power to possess anything from another group by force, including through taxation. This doesn't include people who willfully give up taxes.

"At what point does armed robbery become magically transformed into something just, right and proper (taxation)? How many people does it take for the EXACT SAME ACT to be transformed from a moral outrage into a righteous act? And, exactly how does this magical transformation occur?

In answer to your first question, it never does. You must willfully give up your rights for them to be righteously taken away. If one person deems it a moral outrage, they should not be made to participate. It's that simple.

Also, from where exactly did the DELEGATED power to tax come from? What is its legitimate source? WHO EXACTLY had such a power to give to government in the first place?

I've yet to see ANY minarchist/constitutionalist provide a reasonable answer to any of those questions."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22573996

 Quoting: Rebelucio

I've answered your questions.

As to why the Ron Paul revolution failed...hehehe, you wish.

It's been alive and well since 2008, suckers. Here in Texas, we almost had Debra Medina elected, a true embodiment of the future of the Ron Paul movement! In 2012, we gained traction in every committee you can think of. We're not scared of the new rules change that allows the RNCommittee to set new rules because the Ron Paul folks are taking over the RNCommittee, hahaha!

We've already taken over. It's just going to be until the next two years for our people to take their positions, and you'll see that we were so organized, in the last hour you still couldn't see us coming.

This is your warning. Join us, or you're done along with the establishment. Truth has persevered over your dishonorable system. Sayonara.
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