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Message Subject So, I just watched a football game and recognized that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...
Poster Handle berniemom2012
Post Content
Holy hell, how much has this industry been expanded?

Billions upon billions are made in the science industry...how much is made in the insider industry with the fundraisers?

Have you asked yourselves this?

There is a feedback loop where you donate money, that money is given to the fundraisers, that is divided between the industry, admin, and-ding*ding*ding* the fundraisers, and the cycle repeats...

Where is the solution? Hundreds of billions a year and no solutions? What are the pharmaceutical companies' cut? Do they care about solutions, or is it symptom based until the affected die? And hurray for those that survive! Survivors are significant because they are good for marketing.

No, there are ways around this travesty. There are ways of prevention. The cure! The cure! Hurray to finding a cure!

Hmph! the cure is a distraction. We know the prevention at the least. Why is that not displayed on every pink ribbon?
Are we that full of shit that we will spend hundreds of millions towards those that market a cure that we don't even suspect a prevention?
 Quoting: Rebelucio

Those pink shoes are pretty nice looking I must say!
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