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Subject MY PREDICTION - Obama's New Debate Strategy
Poster Handle berniemom2012
Post Content

In the next two debates, Obama will take a page from the book of his much-admired role model: Ronald Reagan.

In the 1984 presidential race, Reagan had to debate Michael Dukakis who had actually hosted a popular debate show out of Boston in the 1970s.

Dukakis threw every fact in the book at Reagan, but Reagan would just shake his head, smile that idiotic smile of his, and utter something like "There he goes again!" ( which he'd used against a much smarter man, Jimmy Carter, in 1980).

Ronald Reagan had a terrible relationship with truth. He lied with a charming smile on his face, doing his best to disarm and dismiss smarter and more competent men who opposed him.

He once uttered a revealing Freudian slip. Intending to say "Facts are stubborn things" he said: "Facts are stupid things."

Ronald Reagan served two terms as president.
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