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Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am so sorry for posting this here but I'm running out of hope

I'm sixteen years old, and typically healthy.

But lately, the past two weeks or so -- maybe a little less, I've been getting this strange fog that seems to cloud my mind. Like, I'm awake, and my body's awake, and I seem like I'm energetic and very awake -- but I have this feeling like there's this fog in my mind and I'm looking out of a daze.

And sometimes, I'm not sure if this is connected or not, but when I try to go to sleep at night -- there are these instances where I'm about to fall asleep but my entire body and my mind flinches, and it's like my mind doesn't allow me to go to sleep. Then there is this weird numb pain I can feel in the back of my head, and sometimes I even feel it when I have that aforementioned daze, much like now.

I've also been feeling very paranoid and anxious lately, with OCD. I used to be this way years ago but pulled myself out of it. I used to be dark and get scary thoughts of murder and suicide -- but they're coming back again. I used to be in a dark place, basically, but like I said -- pulled myself out of it -- and got very happy and positive and spiritual. I'm so scared if how I was is coming back. So, so scared.

I don't know what's happening to me, but I'm absolutely terrified.
I've always had this irrational fear that I was going to die when I was sixteen, and i'm nervous like, what if that's what's happening?
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