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Message Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is just my advice.

You need to bind this up in the name of Jesus Christ. And tell it to go away.

Sounds like a demonic attack to me.

You said you were spiritual. I don't know if you mean spiritual like with Jesus Christ or not. If you don't know Jesus, do some research about it.

I believe we can have bouts of stuff in our lives. We can actually see it go away and then return. The only way it is going to go away for good is through the authority of Jesus Christ. Medicine can help in some cases too.

In my life I simply say something like this

I bind you up in the name of Jesus Christ. You are not above the name of Jesus Christ. I command you to go away in the name of Jesus Christ.

You can try it!
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