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Message Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As we reach puberty, our pineal glands calcify and harden. Other factors in the environment affect this process.

When you eat unnatural foods, your thoughts will follow a pattern of negativity and hopelessness.

When you exercise and eat healthy, raw foods, your thoughts will purify.

Your body is going through some changes, and change is always a process that doesn't necessarily go from point A to point B directly. Your solution won't be so simple as that either. It comes more in the shape of lightening, with branches that extend out and beyond the symptoms, but always towards the source.

Your fear is being triggered by stimuli in your environment. Create your own responses to the fear, and channel your methodical approach and OCD tendencies into that. For instance,--as a response to a sudden negative thought and its accompanying emotion--eat an apple and acknowledge that clean, healthy food will give you clean healthy thoughts and body. Do something to ground yourself, such as sit under a tree or exercise.

Remember that your pineal gland will be going through change for some years--glands govern entire systems of your body, and it will be affected in numerous ways. The heaviness in the back of your head has been described by people who experience out-of-body episodes during dream induction. Credit yourself for being observant, but don't let what you observe dictate your thoughts and resulting emotion.

Stop fearing what could be "wrong" and put all of your faculties to good use doing what you KNOW is "right" for you. Rejoice in those actions, your thoughts will follow.

All of the best...
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