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Message Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op 2 question's Can you control what you do in your dreams on occasion...

Do you drink alcohol daily or weekly???
 Quoting: catsscratchfever

interesting first question.can i ask just for my own curiousity where youre going with that one?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25188161

I developed the ability to Lucid Dream...(Control what I do during dreams). At the same time I developed the ability to HATE Everyone and all thing on a new level while drinking..Even beer 4 beer and I HATE on a new level... My story is really close to OP'S past only I was on depression med's 60 mg a day...NOT GOOD...Kicked the med's took 2 yr's but all is good now just cannot drink...If OP is a drinker...NEED TO STOP RIGHT NOW...
 Quoting: catsscratchfever

ok y for that, i have a friend that was asked about lucid dreaming by a shrink, which my friend said they did, the medication they were given after seeing that shrink gave them sleep paralysis to the point they couldnt wake themselves up, let alone inflence their own dreams.years after quitting the medication theyve achieved laucidity but not as they had before.Ive never heard of shrinks specifically asking about lucid dreaming(you obviously arent a shrink lol) but i am wondering about the correlation after seeing your post.
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