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Message Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On the off chance that this is for real

It's called stress

You have high levels of adrenaline and its affecting your health.
You cant sleep right ,tons of nervous energy, sometimes it feels like you're floating , and the back of your head hurts because the muscles that keep your neck aligned are tense and sore.

So here is what you do

1. Talk to someone in your family and tell them whats going on.

2. This type of stress depletes your body, its a safe bet you now have vitamin D deficiency and other problems so eat healthy( and for Gods sake don't go Vegan ).

3. Exercise , play basketball just do something thats fun and makes you sweat.


Ignore the problem and you'll start having panic attacks pretty soon

What thats like is you'll suddenly have feeling of terror , your heart will pound so hard it makes you shake ( people will actually see your chest jump with each beat )and your extremities and face go numb/tingle....and you'll be convinced you're dying.

If that happens just remeber that its a panic attack , you're not dying , don't do anything stupid or hurt yourself.

Just lay down , have a good long cry

Now if you STILL don't get help and try to ignore the panic attacks you'll get to find out what a "Nervous Breakdown" is...
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