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Message Subject Anyone know mental health here? I am really scared.
Poster Handle Aikan
Post Content

Every night before you go to sleep(or try to) imagine that you are in a theater by yourself and picture yourself enjoying one of your favorite things on the screen.

Practice seeing on this screen what you would like to be doing when you grow up. It is also important to try and completely clear your mind and what i just suggested would help you do this. Eventually you will start your true path and past life and you may meat your higher self. But first you must start picturing yourself enjoying a wonderful experience on this movie screen. Do not get scared if you eventually notice someone else in the theatre. It is you and your spiritual guide.

I was told to tell you this.

Also if you have any negative thoughts while doing this, just grab them and throw them in the shredder trash can to the right side of you. Again, this is what i was told to pass on to you.

 Quoting: DoubleHelix

Thank you, I will be sure to do this tonight.
Love and light~
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16696213

hi OP,
I post on a lot of the same threads as double helix.

personally, I think u need to see a psychiatrist and try to get an antipsychotic or psychotropic pill to take.

the age for the onset of schizophrenia or bipolar is 16. it can range between say 12 and 21. the most typical is 17 18 19.

you are high functioning. if you think you can work then try what doublehelix is suggesting. but if it is interfering with work.. you will have to get some help..
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