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Message Subject October 8, 2012 outburst reported for Draconid meteor shower..THIS IS REVELATION 12 happening
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
"On the evening of October 8th, debris from the Periodic Comet 21P/ Giacobini-Zinner may provide a stunning sky show. The Giacobinid Meteor shower produced two of the greatest Meteor displays seen in this century in 1933 and 1946. Lesser showers arrived in 1926, 1952, and 1985 Unlike most Meteor showers, the Giacobinids are at their best in the evening rather than after midnight. Their radiant is in the tail of the Constellation Draco. This point is highest right after dark at mid-northern latitudes; it moves lower throughout the night and is near the horizon by dawn."12

This is a key because of the signs in Virgo at sunset on 9-11-3BC, marking the birth of the promised seed occurred at the same time that these meteors were falling from the sky, signifying the casting down of the dragon from his former place of honor. This also fulfills the details in the celestial prelude of signs from 75 BC.

The Astronomy of the ancient Mayan civilization also holds some fascinating keys regarding the star Eta Draconis. Dr. Marian Hatch, an expert on the Maya Serpent Calendar, made some tantalizing connections between the orientation of the serpents on this amazingly detailed calendar, and the positions of the Constellation Draco, in the northern skies..


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