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Message Subject October 8, 2012 outburst reported for Draconid meteor shower..THIS IS REVELATION 12 happening
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
The Mayan Calendar associated spirits with each calendar day, which are pictured inside each circle. In this way the temporal serpent exerted his influence on each day of the year, along with anyone who followed the Astrology of this system. This symbol would also carry over to the tropical and sidereal years, along with the precessional cycle itself.

In this way the dragon was seen as the Time Lord, as is the case in many cultures that utilize the dragon symbol in their mythology. As a result of the former dominion of his first estate, Lucifer as the angel of light, provided a standard upon which these temporal cycles could be differentiated in their various celestial aspects.

Lucifer was enthroned at the anniversary of Creation on Tishri 1, going back to the First Heavens and Earth and as we have seen in the Celestial Prelude, his demise was prophesied in the stars on the same day! As the serpent calendar of the Maya shows, Eta Draconis gave the benchmark by which both the tropical and sidereal years, were contrasted, along with the effect of precession on the other stars of heaven.

This not only symbolizes Luciferís original domain as the angel of light, but it also exhibits the Mayan awareness of the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes going back to at least 1800 BC. Thus, as the Eta-Draconid Meteor shower ran concurrent with the birth of the promised seed, as shown in the sign of Virgo on September 11th, 3 BC.

They provide a powerful witness to the fall of the dragon. It was this Meteor shower that depicted the celestial casting down of the dragon and his minions dramatically for all time.
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