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Message Subject October 8, 2012 outburst reported for Draconid meteor shower..THIS IS REVELATION 12 happening
Poster Handle christian
Post Content

At nightfall, you might also try to find the two brightest stars in the constellation Draco the Dragon, in order to gaze into the Dragon’s flaming eyes and to behold the radiant point of the Draconid meteor shower.

You don’t have to identify the radiant point in order to watch the Draconids or any meteor shower. Assuming the radiant is above your horizon, the meteors will streak all over the sky. For northerly latitudes, the radiant point of the Draconid shower – in the northern constellation Draco – is above the horizon all night.

However, if you trace the paths of the Draconid meteors backward, they appear to radiate from the Dragon’s fiery mouth.

You don’t need to identify the stars of Draco the Dragon to see the slow-moving Draconid meteors. Still, identifying a meteor shower radiant point is fun. The Dragon’s two brightest stars – Eltanin and Rastaban – are near the radiant point for the Draconids. These stars represent the Dragon’s eyes....
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